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Creating Tests

You will need to create at least on Test to be able to administer Tests using DigiTest. Follow instructions below to create Tests. You can create as much test as the added plan can support

From your DigiTest dashboard, click the large button 'Create New Test'
Fill all required field in the form that opens up.
Use the check button to complete test Creation. Your Test will be created and your Dasboard will be refreshed.

Uploading Questions to Test

Follow these simple steps to upload question to a test you must have created
  • 1.Get your Questions and Options ready in Microsoft Excel as Shown in the picture
    Column A of your Excel sheet is reserved for the Question text, Column B to J are reserved for Options( up to 9 Options Max).
    Next Five Columns (KLMNO) are the five Magical columns that define important parameters about the Question
    The Five Magical Columns

    Column K indicates if the question is in a group as in Umbrella Structured questions where a lead question is used to answer a number of follower questions.

    if the Question is not part of a group, you should leave this column blank else, input the group number where the question belongs. eg 1 or 2 or 3...

    Column L is a '1' or '0' field that will be used to indicate whether a particalar question should come first in the umbrella set. if the question is a group Lead, you should input a '1' to this field otherwise, simply leave blank

    Column M is reserved for question that allow candidates to select more than one options (Multichoice Questions). if a question show have more than one correct options, please input a '1' in this field otherwise, simply leave blank

    Column N should specify the Number of correct answers to a Multi-Choice question. For example, if a question has 3 correct options out of 5 total options, Column N should have '3' input. This will inform the marking engine that the question has 3 correct answers

    Column O indicates the Weight of The question. This is useful for Tests where all question do not carry equal marks. The values input in this column will be used by the Marking engine as a multiplying factor for a correct option for such Question
    Let's do a Demo with the Example below

    Take a look at the Questions in the image below and always refer to it throughout this demo.

    The Question structure span from Column A-O on the Excel Sheet.
    Question 1 is four option question with no group and no multi-choice (i.e only one option can be selected)
    The Correct Option is entered in the first option column (column B). This is the usual practice on DigiTest.
    Since this options will be suffled when served to your Candidates, it is safe to use this convention to indicate the Correct option to the Marking engine.

    For Multi-choice Questions, the option columns should carry the correct options in sequence.

    For example take a Look at the 8th question in our example, this question is a multi-choice question with 3 correct options. Hence to enable DigiTest marking engine be aware of these 3 correct options, we simply supply these options in the first 3 option columns (B,C,D) respectively

    The 4th to 9th questions are good examples of Umbrella structured questions. Take a look at the 'GROUPCODE' Column (column K), all these questions have '1' entered meaning they are part of an umbrella group with group number '1'.

    The 4th Question is the Lead Question hence, the column "GROUPLEAD' is marked '1' for this question. It means, when the question is served, this question will preceed all other 4 questions in the group.

    Also observe that 8th question has a weight of 3 since 3 options are correct.

    we shall use another example to demonstrate 'pattern question' and 'psychometric' structure test
  • Uploading this Question
    Now that we have set up our question in excel just like above, we can then proceed to seting it up for upload to digitest to be served to your candidates.
    Follow these steps to prepare the upload
  • 3. Copy the Data Area without the Heading

    Look at the image below
  • 4. Open a Notepad document and paste. DO NOT EDIT THE NOTEPAD AFTER PASTING!!
  • 5. use 'Save As' to save notepad document as a '.csv' file.
  • 6. In the Dialog, under 'Save as Type' select 'All FIles', in File Name field, type a name for the file and add ".csv"
  • 7. From your DigiTest Dashboard, Click 'upload questions' and select your prepared csv file as shown below

Upload Candidates

Use this tool to upload candidates for your test from a csv file

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